1. Concern Payment
2. Concern Order
  • 1.1 How to check my payment is successful?

    You will get the email confirmation in detail.

  • 1.2 Why is my payment rejected?

    May be your input information is not correct, please re check it.

  • 1.3 Can I pay by ATM or Credit Card?


  • 1.4 Can I pay by Bank Transfer?

    Yes, send an email to us, we will send bank details case by case. 

  • 1.5 Can I know overall cost before placing my order?

    Yes, if your transaction is complete, the overall cost will be listed.  

  • 1.6 Can I pay cash when pick up my order?

    Yes, you can pay in cash on the day to pick up your order. But to keep your order, you must come to pick up as mentioned date. If not, we do not guarantee that the products will keep for you. 

  • 2.1 Can I cancel my order?

    Yes, you can cancel before payment.

    It depends on the status of your orders. Before your orders are processed, you can go to “my orders” and click “edit” to modify or cancel orders. To modify, you can replace or add new remarks; to cancel, you can write “cancel this order” in order remarks, we will then process accordingly. However, once the order is processed, you will be unable to see the “edit” button and the order cannot be modified or canceled anymore.

  • 2.2 Can I add or modify my order?

    Yes, you can. But do it before the payment is done.  It depends on the status of your orders. Before your orders are processed, you can go to “my orders” and click “edit” to modify or cancel orders. To modify, you can replace or add new remarks. 

  • 2.3 Can I bargain with the seller?

    Yes. In some cases. Send an email to the seller.

  • 2.4 Do I need to pay VAT?

    7% VAT and duties may apply for all land/sea/air and sensitive sea shipment orders.

  • 2.5 Can I get promotion infomation?

    Yes, leave us your email address.  

  • 2.6 Can I pick up my order by myself?

    Yes, you can. Confirm your date of picking up in order to prepare for you.  

3. Concern Packing
4. Concern Delivery
  • 3.1 What is the packing service?

    Each product has own packing. But if need to repacking which is a value-added service. The shipping charges depend not only on the weight of the packages but on their sizes as well. 

  • 3.2 Can you help to optimize the packings like to put small packing into the larger one?

    Yes, if your order has many items like small and large, we will repack the small items into the larger one as long as it has enough space.  

  • 3.3 Can you repacking it without remove original packing?

    Yes. But sometimes it may cause the size of the packing to become bigger and the delivery cost will rise up.

  • 3.4 Can you put the package sticker on my order?

    Yes, with add on charges. See our package sticker price and add it on your order.  

  • 3.5 Is my order packing properly and prevent from damage?

    Yes. The packing is pack to prevent damage. But sometimes it depends on the transportation staff how do they through up/down on the truck? 

    To prevent more, you can add more package stickers, see our package sticker price, and add it to your order.   

  • 4.1 Can I make cash payment on delivery?

    No, we do not support cash on delivery service. You can pay cash, only when you come to pick up your order.   

  • 4.2 Do you deliver the office or commercial address?

    Yes, and the delivery is only during office hours.

  • 4.3 Do your deliver during office hour?


  • 4.4 How long does the home delivery take?

    We will inform you when the parcel is picked up. But be sure there will have someone to receive it on the mentioned date. 

  • 4.5 Will there any notification before delivery?

    Yes, you will receive the SMS reminder on the delivery date itself. 

  • 4.6 If I need to use in urgent, can you arrange to send it to me?

    Yes, for oversea, it may arrange by air with add on charge. For domestic, we will check the distance and arrange it with add on charge. 

5. Concern After sales services
6. Concern Shipping
  • 5.1 Are you responsible for bad quality?

    No. We will test all your orders before sending them out. We will have the case no. with the VDO clip for every order. 

  • 5.2 Can I exchange another product with the seller?

    Yes, you can, but it’s subject to the seller’s approval. You can feedback on the request to us, we will help you negotiate with the seller. You may need to bear all the shipping costs incurred during the exchange. 

  • 5.3 Can I get the refund, if I get the bad quality product?

    It depends, not all sellers will offer to refund. Typical solutions provided by sellers are partial refunds or return the product for a full refund, repairing, one to one exchange, etc. We can help you negotiate with the sellers for possible solutions after receiving your feedback on the issue with supporting pictures and descriptions. You may as well bear the shipping cost incur during the process. However, some of the sellers may reject any form of compensation if they deny the responsibility of the product issues.

  • 5.4 How can I return the wrong item to you?

    All returns must be liaised with the after-sale team via email or enquire first, upon agreement, it can be returned in original condition to any of our fixed free collection points during the scheduled time slot, or to our home delivery staff during your next delivery. Returns without agreement will not be accepted and we will not be responsible if these returns are lost or damaged due to the absence of tracking records.

  • 6.1 Will my order arrive before or after ETA?

    Yes, it’s possible. The ETA date is an estimation, 95% of parcels will arrive on or before the ETA date. However, it could also arrive after ETA date when uncontrollable situations like custom inspection, clearance delay, or bad weather happen.

  • 6.2 Can I cancel my order?

    No, if it is shipped. 

  • 6.3 Can I shipped oversize item?

    Yes, but the over-length fee will be incurred if the length of the item exceeds 1.2 meters for air shipment or 3.4 meters for sea shipment. The actual charge depends on the product type and length, will be advised before shipping out.

  • 6.4 How do I know my shipment item at where?

    You will get the tracking no. to check.